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Prior to starting any Pennsylvania mold remediation, it is necessary to correct whatever issues that have caused your need for Pennsylvania mold removal to occur. There are many different reasons why mold removal in PA will become necessary. Some of these include poor ventilation, lack of proper dehumidification, poor or improper construction of your home and broken pipes inside of wall cavities just to mention a few. Before we can even think about beginning a PA mold removal procedure we will need to determine and correct the issue or issues that have caused your problem. This will all be accomplished at your PA mold inspection.

Diagnosing your problems and determining its cause is all done at your initial PA mold inspection which is performed by one of our certified PA mold inspection expert. First he will inspect your entire home for visible contamination. He will then decipher what has caused your problems by analyzing your property in addition to asking you a series of questions. Once this is completed, he will then need to perform mold testing PA.

The purpose for this PA mold testing is that it will tell us which surfaces in your home are contaminated and which ones are not. It will also tell us how much of this contamination you are breathing in and whether or not it is toxic. The results to this PA mold testing are critical as they will guide us in what steps will be necessary to safely and effectively perform PA mold removal and return your home to a safe and healthy living environment.,

Once the PA mold testing results are evaluated by an independent third party laboratory, we will then be able to write an effective PA mold remediation protocol that will eliminate this problem in its entirety.

Pennsylvania Mold Testing


Not all mold is dangerous! Don’t let other companies scare you and your family! PA mold Inspection & PA mold testing will provide the answers.

Many so called mold experts are nothing more than fancy salesman who try to play on you and your families’ emotions. Mold can be very serious if you let it get out of hand. But the only way to know if it is a danger to the health of you and your family is through mold testing PA.

While many species of molds are allergenic, many are not. It is impossible during a PA mold inspection for your inspector to look at discoloration and proclaim that it is mold, let alone that it is toxic and dangerous to your health. Knowledge is critical in dealing with this sort of problem. You wouldn’t go to a doctor and let him operate on you without first running tests to properly diagnose what you have. Likewise you shouldn’t allow a salesman to come over to your home offering a free estimate and accept his PA mold removal proposal without the proper PA mold testing to determine the severity of your problem or even if you have a problem to begin with.

You see, just because you see staining on a wall, ceiling or floor doesn’t necessarily mean that you need PA mold remediation. Often times these things are improperly diagnosed. However with the proper PA mold testing, you will know for certain whether or not it is mold, what type it is, if it is harmful to you and your families health, and if it has spread airborne into other parts of your home.

By conducting the proper PA mold testing first, before beginning a project, you will know both whether the project is indeed necessary and you will be ensuring that it will be a success.

Don’t fall for slick salesmen offering free. You very well might be paying a much bigger price for that PA mold inspection estimate in the long run.

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PA mold remediation is often times a complicated process which is best left to certified specialists. Homeowners will often times attempt to carry out their own PA mold removal or will choose to have a general contractor do it to save money. These people almost always end up having to hire a certified PA mold removal specialist afterwards as the first PA mold remediation is usually unsuccessful.

This is because many homeowners and contractors are under the impression that if you rip out the moldy sheetrock and then throw a little bleach on it the mold will miraculously go away and your problem will be solved.

First off, if proper containment is not established during the PA mold removal process, you or your general contractor will be spreading the contamination into the air of your home which will create an even larger problem than the one you started with. Furthermore, you or your contractor will often times become very sick as a result of exposure from not wearing proper PPE Personal Protective Equipment during the course of the PA mold remediation project. Yet another problem is that bleach does not kill mold! Therefore your problem is likely to re-occur causing you to have to deal with the problem all over again.

These are just some of the reasons why you will want to leave PA mold remediation to the professionals. We have all heard of the olds adage, “penny wise and pound foolish” Don’t waste your money and time spending good money after bad. Our job is to keep you and your family safe both during and after the PA mold removal process. We will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Leave the PA mold removal up to the certified specialists at Certified Black Mold Removal.

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