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Since 1995 Certified Black Mold Removal has been performing expert Glenside Pennsylvania mold removal, remediation, inspection, testing. Mildew concerns have a tendency to create a variety of health problems to people and to the homes that they live in. Our primary objective is to stop the issues that are the root cause of your problem, correct these issues and return your residence to a safe and healthy living environment. If you feel this may be happening inside your property, you can call us any time, day or night and one of us will be happy to help. We can usually have a certified inspector in your home to perform inspection and testing within hours of the call. His job is to determine exactly what the issues are inside your home. When we perform a removal, remediation you will have no worries of the problem returning after we are through!

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Sick building syndrome. Maybe you've heard of it. This is where the air inside a building such as your home or office is so contaminated it causes illness to the occupants. A term developed in the 1970's Sick Building Syndrome or (SBS) describes unexplained respiratory and non-respiratory symptoms experienced by building occupants that occur only when they are inside the building, and which resolve soon after leaving the building. Inspection and testing will tell us if Sick Building Syndrome exists in your home or office. If the results come back positive, Certified Black Mold Removal will custom design a plan for Glenside PA mold removal, remediation, that will have you back to regular health in no time.

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Mold Remediation, Mold Removal
Glenside PA 19038

The methods selected in your Glenside PA mold removal, remediation, project varies based upon the different types of building materials. Building materials can be broken down into three separate categories. These are Porous, semi-porous and non-porous. Porous materials such as sheetrock, drop ceiling tiles, particle board, and any other cellulose products must always be removed and disposed of as they are considered un-salvageable. On the other hand semi pour-us materials such as wood, brick, plaster cinderblock, concrete, and plywood can all be salvaged and returned back to normal. Furthermore, non-pour-us materials such as glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, porcelain and laminate are simply HEPA Vacuumed and cleaned with damp rags. It’s important that you select a contractor who can properly identify the different types of materials and perform removal and remediation accordingly. Certified Black Mold Removal knows this and will always do your remediation and removal project right the first time!

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