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Certified Black Mold Removal offers the people in Thornton PA mold removal, testing, inspection, remediation, services, at all hours day and night as your problems have no time constraints. For your peace of mind we have a special environmental insurance policy and are (MICRO) certified. For three decades we have been offering practical removal and remediation solutions. Mildew can create much damage to your residence which is why we have certified specialists available to help you at all times. We provide full inspection and testing services as they are critical before we can even think about beginning any removal and remediation project. As a result you will always know that your removal and remediation work will be handled correctly without any hiccups.

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A question we hear a lot is “now that my Thornton PA mold removal, remediation, is over, what can I do to stop this from coming back again? When faced with this question we refer our clients to a list of preventative measures that we have created to address this specific question. A few tidbits on this list include maintaining humidity levels below 50% in every area of their home. In the basement this is accomplished by using a dehumidifier. Another tip is to run the bathroom exhaust fan after steaming up the bathroom. Also maintain air space between furniture and walls to allow sufficient airflow. Keep your heat at a comfortable level in the colder months as cold air will condensate on windows and surrounding areas. Always inspect your plumbing fixtures for leaks. This is simply a taste of what we suggest to eliminate the need for repeated inspection, testing, removal and remediation needs.

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The methods we choose to utilize during your removal and remediation project will vary depending on the composition of the surfaces which require remediation. Building materials can be categorized three ways. Porous, Semi-porous and non-porous. Pour-us building materials include sheetrock, ceiling squares and particle board. Removal of these pour us materials is required because remediation is impossible. On the other end of the spectrum semi pour-us materials like wood, brick, plaster cinderblock, concrete, and plywood can all sustain remediation. Then there’s the non-pour-us materials like glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, porcelain and laminate. These materials need to be HEPA Vacuumed and cleaned with moist rags. It is very important you choose a contractor that will properly identify the different types of materials that have contamination and perform the correct removal or remediation procedures on them. Certified Black Mold Removal has been doing this for three decades which means that your Thornton PA mold removal, remediation, will be handled the correct way!

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