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As the largest and most well respected Tullytown PA mold inspection, mold testing and mold remediation firm, Certified Black Mold Removal offers the most affordable pricing structure as well as the most practical solutions to your remediation problems. All of our inspection and testing specialists are certified through the nation’s largest training program (MICRO), and are skilled at discovering both how drastic your issues are, as well as discovering the source of the contamination. Fixing the source will prevent the need to repeat of your project a second time. At Certified Black Mold Removal we always solve your issues the right way the first time around!

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If you suspect you might have a need for removal and remediation services in your basement you should call us to begin the mold inspection and mold testing process. Much of the time your basement issues will be a direct result of a need for waterproofing. Perhaps your block walls are taking in moisture and require encapsulation. Other times you may not have a sump pump or you may even need a full basement waterproofing system installed as a result of repetitive flooding issues. Whatever your particular case may be, Certified Black Mold Removal can offer you the most accurate and complete Tullytown PA mold remediation plan available. Call now and we can have a certified mold inspection and mold testing expert at your home within a few hours!

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Mold Remediation, Mold Removal
Tullytown PA 19007

The initial mold inspection and testing of your residence is perhaps as critical as the mold remediation itself. At the inspection and testing stage it is your inspection professionals’ skill, knowledge & training that is most important. The job of your inspection professional is be a detective. It is his job to ask you all of the right questions, perform a revealing inspection of the entire premises and perform to needed mold testing of the critical areas inside your home. All of this is done so that he can generate a proper protocol. The mold inspection and mold testing is designed to provide us with the necessary data to properly perform your Tullytown PA mold remediation project. If any of the above stated tasks are not properly completed, the mold remediation services will likely fail. We want you to know that failure is not an option with us!

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